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Spiritual Warrior
for busy people

Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior classes are designed for busy people who only have an hour to practice. The class is fast paced and invigorating and is certainly a “get-in-shape” class. The structure is a fixed set sequence instructed in a vinyasa style. It is a fully balanced class which includes asana warm-up, chanting, setting of intention, surya namaskar, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, inversions, meditation and relaxation. The teacher focuses on keeping the pace moving and does not stop to give spiritual discourses. Since the asana sequence is always the same, a student will pick it up quite quickly after only a couple of classes.

Jivamukti Open Class

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi, the Jivamukti Open class welcomes you, as it is open to practitioners of all levels.You work at your own pace, following the teacher’s verbal as well as hands-on guidance. Āsana options will be provided for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

A typical Open class incorporates the five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga:

  • shastra (scripture)
  • bhakti (devotion)
  • ahimsa (kindness)
  • nada (music)
  • dhyana (meditation)

More info about Jivamukti yoga

Functional Yoga

Yang Yoga – Yang Yoga is all yoga that uses the traditional (yang) approaches of dynamic and repetition to stimulate blood flow, muscle activity, coordination and balance. Classes can be gentle or challenging, as we sometimes need one and sometimes the other. The important thing here is not to strive for perfection but for practice: it is better to do something that invites you back to the mat soon than to exert yourself and give up too soon.

Yin and a little Yang Yoga – The Yin, the Yang and everything in between them. It’s all here.

Yin Yoga – A quiet practice. Meant to awaken different tissues and energies in us. Yin Yoga has two main characteristics: we do it with the muscles relaxed, and we stay in the poses for longer periods of time. Yin Yoga stimulates our introspection. But also our capacity to stay still and observe what is happening inside our bodies and minds.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the practical study of Yoga focussing on integrating body, mind and breath. This classic style of Yoga is a strong and intense practice, involving long holds in the postures, working on postural and energetic alignment, improving strength, balance, flexibility, and concentration. It can be adapted to all practitioners regardless of their age or physical condition seeking through the practice to bring Yoga to everyone to our daily lives, on and off the mat.

Flow + Restore

This class fuses the dynamism of a vinyasa class, with the stillness of a deeply restorative one. It begins with breath-led, alignment-based flow before transitioning into quieter work that balances the nervous system with restorative postures.

Slow Yoga (Dutch spoken)

Slow-Yoga is een rustige vorm van hatha-yoga en oefeningen uit de adem en ontspanningstherapie Methode Van Dixhoorn (MVD).
Tijdens deze yoga les mag je de prestatie loslaten en je eigen grenzen respecteren. Het gaat om aandacht en voelen. Door te leren om spanning los te laten kunnen de oefeningen makkelijker gedaan worden. De les wordt rustig opgebouwd met MVD oefeningen en langzaam wordt er meer traditionele yoga gedaan. Het is een flow die elke les weer anders is met het doel om je lichaam soepeler en sterker te maken en je ademhaling als vrij te ervaren. Veiligheid, vertrouwen en eigen kracht staan centraal.


SAFE® FLOOR is a neuromuscular technique developed by Alexandre Munz, formerly Principal Soloist of the Berlin Opera Ballet, trained at the Paris Opera Ballet school. The concept is as innovative as it is inclusive, micro-spherical stretching is performed in a spiral and in slowness, this back and forth of circular expansion and contraction strengthens the deepest muscle layers. Another major asset of this technique is its sponge effect which massages and regenerates the fasciae, these connective tissues that govern our organs and our internal and external systems. The impacts are breathtaking and with immediate effects, SAFE® FLOOR gives you more joint freedom, more muscle flexibility, while releasing endorphins that soothe pain and stress.
More info on this award winning technique:

You will be working on the floor, so bring something warm and comfortable to wear.